This is the game I developed for the Liberated Pixel Cup! Below is a small design document.

Download Here!

Villages Design

– The game starts by choosing where to place your castle
– Game is turn oriented, you have to hit a button to finish a turn

– Center of city is a castle
– can place homes for people
– Can place farms – generate food based on amount of people working there
– Special mining spots on the map – Can place mines over them
– Mines generate raw materials
– Can place wood mills to generate wood
– must be within a certain distance of tree tiles
– Can place wells – provides water for x amount of citizens

Can place entertainment Buildings
– Tavern – increases happiness
– Too many, decreases overall village productivity
– Outdoor Theatre
– Provides random boost to happyness every turn
– costs more than tavern

Can place Industry Buildings
– Weavers – make cloth -> effects health of citizens
– Jeweler – uses ore -> increases happiness of citizens
– Blacksmith – Make weapons -> effects guard force
– Bakeries – make bread -> uses food from farms
– Increases citizen health more than raw farm food
Other buildings
– Guard Station
– Uses weapons made by blacksmith
– If there are no weapons in the coffers, the effectiveness of the guard station creeps down to 50%
– Covers a square radius around the guard house
– Any place in coverage area has lower crime
– Make happier citizens

– Market
– Provides more tax money
– Coverage square, if other buildings in this coverage zone:
– Industrial = easier to sell goods, thus increased efficiency
– Houses – more citizen happiness in that house

Castle Coffers
– Holds cash and any ‘extra’ of produced food, wood, weapons, and ore
– * Bread and clothing production offers real time benefit, none is ‘stored’

– all non housing buildings must have a road connected to the castle
– This allows them to ‘work’, and produce stuff
– Indirectly ties in housing since guard stations require a road

Population – houses hold population
– Farms, industrial buildings, etc require people
– Assigning people
– At the beginning of every turn, a popup comes up if new people came to the village
– You get to assign how many of them go to each industry
– The system decides the actually assigning of people to industry, following the quotas you just set up
– When a person randomly leaves, the system knows what industry to subtract people from
– Population will move into a village if:
– There is room in terms of houses
– The generally mood of the village is good, and there are reasonable taxes
– Will go to the best house currently avail
– Based on:
– Farther away from mines = better
– Closer to castle = better
– guard house ‘coverage’ value
– Population will move out of a location and leave the village based on
– not enough food, water
– taxes
– happyness
– amount of entertainment buildings
– amount of bread/clothing avail in the village
– Crime level (coverage of guard houses)

End Game:
– To end the game, the player can build a wonder
– The wonder will take food, ore, gold, wood to start
– The player then selects a place for the finished wonder to be
– Once started, you can assign workers just like any other industry
– The more workers working on the wonder, the more progress you make
– Workers may also leave the village while they are working on the wonder
– Once complete, the game has been won.

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