Status Update

Well, it has been a while since the last update.  Wingdom ran into a few problems with bounding-boxes for tile-collision detection which made me take a break from it.  I’ve also decided to change the server from c# to C++.  I’ve merely read about C++ for a long time and never used it in a real project, so I figured this is the best of time as ever (since I’m already finishing my Jr. year of college).  The client will still stay as silverlight (through c#) like before.  I feel this will give me a real chance to see how it is to develop in C++ which of course will hopefully open up some doors for my future career if I have actual experience in the language.  I’m really hoping to turn this into a development blog for Wingdom (and other projects I do), talking about problems I run into, solution I come up with, etc, so hopefully I’ll have some more posts soon!

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