Liberated Pixel Cup Day 30

Well, with one day left to, I’m fairly confident I’m in a good position. I’ve finished all the features except for the credits page that I outlined in my design document. There are 2 errors I know of, but they do not inhibit game play. I was also able to compile in Ubuntu after a few changes, so I could technically turn in today’s project if something bad happens tomorrow. Seems the contest ends tomorrow at midnight PST, so I actually have till 2am to turn in my submission. (Hopefully not too long of a night tomorrow :P) Below is the full list of the things I want to get done tomorrow.

– Setup caves/forests on map
– double the width of the map
– start the map scrolled ‘near’ the center of the map
– Look at fixing button onClicks not firing
– PRovide states for number joining/leaving
– PRovide reasons for leaving
– Give hover ‘tips’ for the buttons, including gold/wood costs
– Provided other helpful hovers with images
– Make sure it compiles on fedora
– Make the credits screen work
– Give proper error messages on the assign screen
– Balance??
– fix villager joining to make sure more people don’t join than there are jobs and houses
– Increase efficiency of map drawer
– Provide a ‘You Won!’ image
– Prepare stuff for turnin
– Allow multiple roads to be placed at once
– Fix end-game exception currently being raised

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