Liberated Pixel Cup Day 27

Pretty good day today! Last night I decided that I was going to remove a few buildings from the game. This included the entertainment buildings, the market, and all the industrial buildings except the blacksmith that creates weapons for guard stations. I may add some back if I get the time, but I don’t know at this point. I have admittedly taken quite a bit out of the game with this going 12 buildings down to 7, but I figure a polished smaller game is better than a non-finished bigger one. Furthermore with all these buildings, it would be hard to have a proper ‘tutorial’ system setup in time that would explain what each one did. With the reduced number of buildings I should be able to get away with just a few pages before you place your castle that lists each building. IT is also important to note that these extra buildings don’t do a whole lot in themselves (at least most of them), so if I got a few hours, they might easily get added in.

Beyond all the cutting out, I was able to make great progress today with the villagers. They now are assigned to the work type of your choice (Farm, mine, etc), freely join your city based on several factors, and also leave your village because of other factors like running out of food etc. Hopefully the next few days will be just as productive and I can add back some buildings 🙂

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