Liberated Pixel Cup Day 19

No Code changes again today. I did do so planning for the coming days though. Hopefully I will be able to get a lot accomplished in the next few days. Hopeful feature include

– Road placement
– Change all placement to ‘snap-to-grid’ with tile sizes of 32
– Zoom in/out
– Have collisions work with scrolling
– Add population including adding, leaving, assigning to job

Not a bad list. I’ll hopefully get a lot more than even that done, but that would be a nice minimum. I’m thinking that with the snap to grid, all roads will be made of 32×32 tiles. They will be told at creation what type of image they show (T intersection, intersection, vertical, horizontal, etc). I think I’ll also have to resize all the images so they are multiples of 32×32 just to make things look better on the map.

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