Liberated Pixel Cup Day 1

Well, it has been a while since my last post, but the first day of the Liberated Pixel Cup is now at a close! Before I discuss what I accomplished for the day I want to make a small note on the various tools and technology I will be using. All the libraries are released under the ZLIB license which is really good since my own code for this will be released as GPLv3.

Tools and Technology

Visual Studio – IDE for development on windows

Textpad – nifty little text editor for editing XML and CMake files.

CMake – Will allow me work on windows with visual studio and still be able to easily compile on linux without dealing with make files directly.

SDL – Cross platform graphics library that will be doing my basic input, 2d graphics, music, etc.

SDL-gfx – Enhancement to sdl, really just using it for its rotozoom functionality to add scaling to SDL.

TinyXML 2 – Lightweight XML reader to read config files, maps, etc.

Tortoise Git – Windows based GUI to interface with Git. A derivation of TortoiseSVN.

Git/GitHub – Version control. My Git repository will be hosted on GitHub for the duration of the competition.

Dropbox – Seems redundant with git, but this allows me to have a single common workspace across multiple computers and OS’s.

VMWare Player – Virtual Machine player to have guest OS’s on the primary OS.

Since the contest requires all entries to run on a free OS, everynight I will use dropbox to compile the current source on the latest version of Ubuntu using VMWare Player. In the few tests I have run I have found there are a few syntactical differences between windows and linux/ubuntu such has having a space between sussessive ‘>’ in declarations when using complex data structions like map >.
I will also have a daily entry here to share my progress for I can fully catalog my first contest!

Well, at least that is the working title. This will be the game I hope to finish by the end of these 31 days. A short design description of the game can be found here. I came up with this just last Thursday/Friday. Think of it as a Tropico/SimCity set in medieval times. You will be the controller of a village, building it up and handeling the day to day operations. It is important to note it will be turn based where the users will choose when to go to the next turn, just like the civilization games.

I was able to get a lot of setup done today. Cmake is now fully setup with the various 3rd part libraries and works on both windows and ubuntu. I then was able to start on the actual engine the game will use. So far it contains various utility classes like a Configuration reader, Logging support, and Graphics Support. I will probably not get a whole lot of work done on work days, but luckily I get this Wednesday off, which adds another day to a very short list of all-day free days! Will hopefully have more to report tomorrow!

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