With the liberated pixel cup contest done, I’ve began looking at other avenues for development. Multiple friends have told me how great Unity3D is, so I finally took a look. One word, Wow. It does almost anything you can think of for you, so all you really have to do is the specific game logic for your game. Best of all, there is a free version! (Paid version has a whole bunch of goodies, but the free version is still awesome and you can even make commercial games with it free of charge!) For anyone that wants to learn the basics, visit 3D Buzz [link] for decent FREE video tutorials!

Liberated Pixel Cup – Lessons Learned

Well, I had some problems with villages compiling for the judges, but I believe I found a solution (they haven’t posted if it runs yet). With that behind me I can now create the post I wanted outlining the lessons I learned during the competition.

C++ – This was my first real project in C++, and I believe I got a lot out of it. Most of all I think I’ve gained experience in diagnosing various errors that show up so I can quickly turn around and fix them. Before it would sometimes take 30 min or more to even figure out exactly what was causing an error, much less actually fixing it.

CMake/Cross-Platform development/Linux – Before this I had not really developed anything on linux despite a few small school projects that maybe amounted to a couple hundred lines, all of which were command line based. Villages turned out to over 6,000 lines! While lines of code really don’t mean much, it is important to note the order of magnitude difference. Furthermore, this projects had be developing on two operating systems at the same time. Even after I was done I continued to be exposed to linux in the form of distribution across the multiple distros.

Full design to distribution – This is the first real project that I’ve gone from start to finish, excluding maybe Shadow Warfare several years ago. I always get working on a project I think is ‘cool’, and then get bored after only a few months for various reasons. This contest allowed me to stick to a small design and carry it all the way through to completion and simple distribution.

Liberated Pixel Cup Day 32 – Final

Well, I just submitted villages to the contest. The documentation for the images was way more than I thought, pretty much taking out the need for my credits screen, but oh well 🙂 Hopefully the judges will have no problems in compiling the game with cmake and make. I’ll be back tomorrow to make a “What I learned” post. That should be a nice long list!