Liberated Pixel Cup Day 21

I was able to get a scrolled map to still report collisions correctly and am in the process of getting a 32px snap-to-grid implemented. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to finally implement roads. I’m making pretty good progress on the list of things I wanted to get done, but there is little chance I will get extra stuff done. Hopefully that outlook changes tomorrow.

Liberated Pixel Cup Day 19

No Code changes again today. I did do so planning for the coming days though. Hopefully I will be able to get a lot accomplished in the next few days. Hopeful feature include

– Road placement
– Change all placement to ‘snap-to-grid’ with tile sizes of 32
– Zoom in/out
– Have collisions work with scrolling
– Add population including adding, leaving, assigning to job

Not a bad list. I’ll hopefully get a lot more than even that done, but that would be a nice minimum. I’m thinking that with the snap to grid, all roads will be made of 32×32 tiles. They will be told at creation what type of image they show (T intersection, intersection, vertical, horizontal, etc). I think I’ll also have to resize all the images so they are multiples of 32×32 just to make things look better on the map.

Liberated Pixel Cup Day 16

Was able to completely finish all the building images today. The process of adding them to the game should be trivial then I can start moving onto the main algorithms that will have to be balanced in the game. I only hope I can get them implemented with sufficient time to try to balance it all and route out the more obvious bugs.

Liberated Pixel Cup Day 15

No code changes were made today, but I did set up images for some of the buildings. Not as great as I had hoped, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to place all buildings on the map by the end of tomorrow. A lot of the hold up has been from trying to create buildings from the very limited amount of images provided in the contest.

Liberated Pixel Cup Day 14

Today was the day of mining camps and Wood Mills. Wood Mills and mining camps have to be within a certain distance of their respective map tiles to be place-able on the map. Beyond that the rest of the day was dedicated to fixing bugs and updating collisions checks. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get the rest of the buildings into the game. The main challenge in getting this done will be getting images for all the buildings out of the limited set of provided graphics. Hopefully all will go well and I will be able to post screenshots tomorrow!

Liberated Pixel Cup Day 13

Made a decent amount of back-end and graphics progress today. The back-end consisted of two main parts. Firstly I got caves properly showing on the map. This is essential to add mining camps as a building type to the game. Second I re-factored all the collision code into a single function in the simulation class. This class will handle everything from not placing buildings on top of each other, to placing mining camp and wood buildings within a certain distance of their map tiles, to even requiring roads be hooked up to buildings. In addition I made all collision functions pass around a rectangle of the building. This leads to more parameters in each parameter list, but is way more flexible than passing around different objects. Lastly I converted all my psd files to png for the game. It looks a lot better without a bunch of solid box placeholders!

Liberated Pixel Cup Day 12

More of the same today. I continued to look into image creation for the various buttons and images, and I also started on a ‘MapTile’ hierarchy. This will contain logic for both trees (forests for wood), and caves (for ore). Things are overall progressing nicely. It looks like I’ll have a decent chance of having something to play-test by the end of the weekend.