CMake – Co-Developing in Windows and Linux

I’ve pretty much always developed in windows. Of course that causes a problem with the game contest I’m entering next month since they want the game to run in linux. Added to this complexity is the fact that I’d like friends to be able to test the game in the final weeks and none of them use linux as their operating system of choice. To solve these problems I have come across CMake. Once I get it fully working it will allow me to write a script that then can be run to make Visual Studio Project files for windows and development, and Make files for any linux builds. So far in tests I have been able to get the CMake scripts to work fairly well with windows. I’ll soon be booting up a linux VM to test the script there.

Neat Contest

Came across this neat little contest called “Liberated Pixel Cup” that will start officially (well, the coding part) on July 1. This would be my first contest ever, but looks pretty cool, mainly because it offers all the graphics (well, at least you could still make a good game with what they provide.) Since I’ve always suffered from lack of graphics in my little games, this provides a real opportunity. Still got some time before this and I hope to finish off Phoenix as well as another game in SDL before it begins.